High Hopes for 11

They day I have been waiting 3 months for has finally arrived, pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training. Baseball is back to fill the void my Minnesota Vikings left weeks ago when it became clear they weren’t going to the playoffs. This years group of Cubs has me filled with high hopes for the 2011 campaign. The biggest problem I can find with team is going to be the lack of a true lead off hitter/ base stealer. Castro or Dewitt may be able to fill the void but only to an adequate level, nothing over the top. Our offense is once again going to really on the power hitting of the 1B and 3B positions. However the pitching staff is looking much better, Garza, Zambrono (in post June 2010 form), Dempster, Wells, and Silva is a solid group of starters. Starters weren’t the issue last year and definitely shouldn’t be this year with the addition of Garza and now the pen shouldn’t be a problem either. Wood, Cashner, Marshall, and Russell setting up Marmol should be solid throughout the year. Can’t to see this group on the field together in a few weeks.



  1. samjaenke

    I didn’t even think about defense. We should be good everywhere except left and short. I also agree that this team is way to slow on the base paths.

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