Kinda Cubs 2000’s

I was a little board over spring break so I decided to make the Kinda Cubs squad for the 2000’s. My team consisted of player who played around a year or less with the Cubs who went on the be serviceable elsewhere, or were once great, here we go.
Catcher: Jason Kendall, played second half of 2007 for us and is still playing for the Royals.
1B: Randall Simon, the infamous sausage mutilator played the second half of 2003 for the Cubs.
2B: Omar Infante, We traded for him after the 07 season and traded a few weeks later.
3B: Ryan Freel, I can proudly say I saw one of his 14 games as a Cub in person in 2009.
SS: Alex Cintron, another spring training invitee who didn’t make the cut.
OF: Jeremy Burnitz: Burny played one great year as a Cub but we didn’t bring him back in 06.
OF: Jim Edmonds: Hard to believe this guy is still making his way onto major league rosters.
OF: Cliff Floyd: He was at the end of his rope in 2007 when we got him but he still did O.K.
SP: Tim Lincecum: Technically he was never under contract but we still could have had him.
SP: Dontrelle Willis: We traded him in 02 for Matt Clement and Antonio Alfonseca

Other note worthy players include:
David Weathers, Lenny Harris, Kenny Lofton, Phil Nevin, and Matt Stairs.


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