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This year is THE year! That’s what we’re all thinking isn’t it? Well maybe not all of us, I for one am on the fence in my attitude towards this team. Part of me thinks we are similar to last years Giants team. Good pitching staff, sufficient offense, and slow on the bases. Our division looks like its up for grabs, Wainwright being out severely damages the Cards chances this year. The Brewers could be slow coming out of the gate with Grienke on the D.L for sure and its possible Hart and Lucroy could have a similar start to the year.  That leaves the Reds and Cubs as the only two contenders in the central starting the season injury free, and the Astros and Pirates left in the dust as non contenders. However, the more I look at the Brewers, Cardinals, and Reds, the more I wonder how in the world we can beat one of those teams out for the division let alone all three. Things may change, if the Brewers start off to sluggish they would likely dump Fielder and Hart for prospects. Wainwrights injury might leave the Cards in to vulnerable a position but that still leaves the Reds who look poised to steal the top spot in the Central again. I feel like this year will be important to see what our young guys can give us and see what Quade is capable of with a full year. As much as I hate to say it though I don’t think this year is the year but I’m still excited to watch as many games as I can and to see if Pujols ends up on our squad next year. Thoughts?